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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Download J.T.C. mix

Around the same time that Michigan’s Tadd Mullinix adopted his hip-hop oriented Dabrye alias, he also took on the acid-house nom de guerre James T. Cotton. With its playful use of female Chinese vocals, the first Cotton single Mind Your Manners became a favorite of DJs like Traxx, Deecoy, and Carlos Souffront. Not one to be pigeonholed, Cotton's work became darker with his heavy remix of Charles Manier's Bang Bang Lover and the monolithic EBM monster "I Seek" from Spectral Sound's State of the Union EP. The second proper Cotton EP Buck! is like a shot of caffeine, owing much to the sounds of classic techno and Belgian New Beat, and the Press Your Body EP paved the way for his dark and hypnotic debut full-length, The Dancing Box. In 2005, Cotton teamed up with D’Marc Cantu to create 2 AM/FM. Cotton is also one half of Saturn V along with Traxx, creating pieces that echo the heyday of Chicago jack, as well as a member of dark acid duo TNT with Todd Osborn. [Myspace] [Download]

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Anonymous Ricardo said...

Preciso conhecer mais do trabalho desse cara.

agradecido pelo link do mix :)

Wednesday, 09 April, 2008  

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