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Friday, April 18, 2008

George Pringle - Carte Postale

Oxford-based George Pringle began writing music when she was 16. She pinched her older brother’s guitar and taught herself bar chords. Her brother ... (more) ditched the guitar to become a DJ. “I don’t see the point of making music when I’m not doing anything new and other people can do it so much better than me. I enjoy listening to them far more,” he said. George has become a “Diseuse” (a female performer of monologues). She makes electronic music on her iBook G4 (which she calls Truman) and recites poetry over the tracks. Her demos have been described as "just plain charming!" by Music Week.George gigs Karaoke-style, with a view to someday incorporating projections of her photo journals into her live shows. [Myspace]

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