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Sunday, August 17, 2008


MORDANT MUSIC - The Tower Parts I-VII (Mordant Music) Comentários: Now this is so good, I'd go so far as to say it's the oddest thing I've heard all week and trust me, I listen to a right old pile of weird. Mordant Music have really come up trumps with this one, 'The Tower Parts VIII-XVIII' hits that place only certain records can reach and truly succeeds in its epic collision of sounds. I want to know what's in the water over at Mordant HQ to be honest, because to blend these kind of disparate influences together and come out with one coherent whole is a pretty stunning achievement, and when I say one whole I really mean it; despite being labelled VIII-XVIII, the album is one long 45 minute piece. It's funny too, although the press release seems to dwell on comparisons with Sunn o))) and the black metal scene the first thing I thought on listening to the record was a similarity to those Kraut gods Harmonia. Thinking about it too it makes perfect sense, in one way you could see the gloomy cover as looking similar to, say, a Burzum record, but looked at in another light it could equally be a Krautrock album from the early 70s. It's all here too - distorted guitars, equally distorted vintage synthesizers, cyclic drum machines, real drums... one minute you'll be listening to something that sounds like it's come straight from the bowels of hell and the next you'll be drifting into a psychedelic bliss. Something about the construction and overall sound also brings to mind 70s Italian horror film soundtracks; there are hints of Fabio Frizzi's spooky work on 'The Beyond' and more than a mere trace of Riz Ortolani's killer (hah) mood-swinging on 'Cannibal Holocaust' and that's no bad thing for a rabid gore hound like myself. The fact that mid-way through the record you're launched into an epic celebration of pure, dark drone is just the icing on an already well-iced cake, it's like these people have read my mind and come up with an album just for me. With all these sounds being explored in one place it would be so easy for an act to slip up, make a wrong move and spoil the whole thing, but honestly they blend the sounds so perfectly it seems like they were always meant to be together. That's why it would be lazy to simply say it sounds 'a bit like Sunn o)))', because as good as Sunn o))) are, their records sound very specific and come from a specific genre - 'The Tower' inhabits a different part of the universe altogether. If you're looking for something exciting, unexpected and hugely enjoyable you've come to the right place - a massive recommendation! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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