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Thursday, August 14, 2008

MODEL 500 - Starlight (remixes)

MODEL 500 - Starlight (remixes) (Echospace US) Comentários: When Juan Atkins first released "Starlight" back in 1995 it came as a bit of a shock - here was one of the most emotive, memorable and spacious techno tracks ever written. Flip that hallowed twelve over and you'd find the story got a whole lot better - with Maurizio offering up one of his lesser known but deeply inspired remixes, a track that in the years that have passed has truly become part of techno folklore. Fast forward 12 years later and you find yourself with this deeply impressive doublepack, headed by the original version of "Starlight" (seriously - every home should own a copy of this track - and we totally mean that) and a set of remixes from the dub techno scene's most important characters : Deepchord, Convextion, Soultek and Echospace. Of course remixing such an iconic, flawless track is in some ways a thankless task, but the results here often verge on the inspirational, particularly on the towering Deepchord Mix that somehow manages to distil the foreboding calm of the original and inject it with staggered BASS menace that stretches itself over 12 minutes of total bliss. Convextion, meanwhile, opts for an unexpected turn with a track that's best described as spiritually connected to Kompakt's Schaffel templates, a stomping reduction that will come as a welcome surprise to all you obsessives out there studying this guy's every move. Steve Hitchell propels the track into a midnight electro blueprint in widescreen - the seminal chords of the original forming the emotive core of the track while a lilting piano line weaves in and out of the crisp percussion, while the twin Echospace excursions emerge from deep in Modell and Hitchell's analogue studio - with one track constructing an ambient haven out of the original, while the latter ends us off with the most upfront, padded techno track on board. Pressed up on a limited edition run of 1000 copies only FOR THE WORLD on gorgeous smokey grey vinyl - don't hang about with this one if you don't want to miss out, we have VERY FEW copies left. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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