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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Puma x Atmos x Mitsuaki Iwago : Endangered Species Asia Pack

Puma's second series in collaboration with NYC store Atmos and National Geographic photographer Mitsuaki Iwago drops, doubling the small collection from three to six. In addition to the noble purpose of building awareness surrounding endangered animals throughout the world and bringing to light the significance of their possible extinction, we think they make pretty good-looking pairs of kicks. (Click images for detail and check out one more image after the jump.) Each different style interprets the respective animal, using that animal's body and characteristics for colorways and patterns. Also, each shoe's insole will include a high quality photograph of the animal taken by Mr. Iwago himself. As an added little bonus, the soles of the shoes glow in the dark! The Polar Pack, which came out last June, focused on endangered polar animals. It featured the Polar Bear, the Harp Seal and the Macaroni Penguin. The new additions, grouped in the Asia Pack, center around endangered animals on the Asian continent. It will include the Golden Monkey (middle), the Giant Panda (bottom) and the Crested Ibis (top)—all are either Clydes or Puma Mids.

Line up at Atmos in New York and Ubiq in Philadelphia. Ranging from around $125-150 (depending on where you buy them), these shoes are a great way to raise interest around the problems facing endangered animals—and to look great while doing it. in cool hunting

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