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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Electronic Shopping

7027 - The Pace (7027 Layered Files Holland) Comentários: First in a new series from 7027 records, with productions from the figure behind 7027 remixed and reshaped by a variety of producers and well known artists operating under the shared 7027 moniker. This is faceless dub techno done in the proper manner, with the artists converging on an eternal theme of techno experiments for the floor and the mind. This one is borne from a South Holland / South Central US connection and bears two wicked and long playing dub techno tracks with lush spectral synth vibes and that perfectly intangible dub tech flavour. Very good indeed. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]
CURTIN, Dan - Space Politics EP (Autoreply) Comentários: Autoreply Music is a new London label. Expect to find the scene’s leaders showcasing their alpha productions longside raw, well-sourced underground talent. We welcome Dan Curtin with this first huge release. Space Politics is stylish, organic, underground house music featuring layer upon layer of lush sounds effortlessly building with the aid of off key fanfares which when played loud on a decent system come at you from above.on the flip Atomosic is perfect for those situations where your audience should have gone to bed hours ago! Dark & moody with eerie cut up vocals. in wordandsound [Para Ouvir/Samples]
ROLANDO - Hiatus EP (Delsin) Comentários: Supported by Joris Voorn, Derrick May, Lawrence, Adam Beyer a.o. Rolando's first material after leaving Los Hermanos and Detroit, now dropping heavy things on Amsterdam's primo techno label, Delsin!Detroit veteran Rolando returns! After leaving Los Hermanos and Detroit early 2005, he focussed on his dj-carreer. Rolando now delivers his first full proper release through Amsterdam's Delsin label. Hardly any need to introduce Rolando, as there can't be any house or techno head around who doesn't know the 'Jaguar' anthem, or the quality Los Hermanos releases after. His first release in more than three years comes with the track 'Where Were You?' The original mix continues from the Los Hermanos sound, smooth blend of warm groovy house and techno. The dub mix take things to a dark level, as his earlier works as The Aztec Mystic. in rushhour [Para Ouvir/Samples]
REDSHAPE - Blood Into Dust (Styrax Leaves Germany) Comentários: Another very strong release from the Styrax camp. Redshape delivers 3 deep Detroit technotracks. Its shuffling rhythms, warm chords & build-up tension will work perfectly on late night clubfloors. Tip! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]
NUKUBUS - Skylark (Vonk Holland) Comentários: Hard rocking electrotechno by Nukubus (SD Records / Bunker Records) on his new label VONK. Limited pressing of 300 copies with handstamped sleeves and label. in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples]
OMAR S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (no drum mix) (FXHE) Comentários: One of the finest moments in Omar-S' stupendous catalogue has been reworked into a soul stunning and floor rendering beatless version which we just heard deployed in a club recently by the man himself and we can guarantee it's an absolute killer. Not many other producers could get away with releasing a one sided and beatless Detroit house record but Omar-S simply owns it right now. Awesome twelve - limited copies! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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