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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Call It Techno! A Documentary About Germany's Early Techno Scene & Culture

A new film about Germany's early rave and techno culture arrives on DVD next week. We Call It Techno! includes interviews with Sven Väth, Riley Reinhold and Ata.The film emphasises techno's DIY foundations, telling the story of the rise of the genre with everyday, likeminded music lovers becoming DJs, promoters, label and record store owners. The 100-minute documentary made by Maren Sextro and Holger Wick charts the rise of techno in Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne from pre- to post-Wall Germany. The film includes still images and unreleased film captured 1988-93 of the first Love Parade, Frankfurt's first techno clubs Omen and Dorian Gray, the Hardwax and Delirium record stores plus interviews with Ata, Mijk van Dijk, DJ Hell, Cosmic Baby, Wolfgang Voigt and more. in ra [Buy Here]

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Blogger subtilezas said...

épah, quero bere isso, mans!

ntens dado links À tua bébé, cumoé?

Thursday, 30 October, 2008  

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