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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AARDVARCK - Bloom 1 | Bloom 2

AARDVARCK - Bloom 1 (Unkown Label) Comentários: Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) is on some weird sh*t right now, the result being two of his absolutely sickest twelves released in quick succsession, with Bloom 1 coming a mere couple of weeks after Bloom 2 shocked us into silence right at the very start of the year. The sound is heavily indebted to dubstep, but this is a producer with a rich heritage and quite a remarkable bag of production tricks in his arsenal, taking a skanking template and somehow imbuing it with the sounds and flavours of rugged techno without ever resorting to formulas. It's all about the production, every bass drop and snare expertly crafted, the result being a towering mass of space and low-end presence that sounds somewhere between the reductionist genius of Loefah and the next-level technophillia of Shed. Volume 2 sold out in a weekend, we strongly advise you to bag one of these up while you can. Essential Purchase! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

AARDVARCK - Bloom 2 (Unkown Label) Comentários: Since hearing a taster mix of Aardvarck's new dub experiments we've been absoltutely craving a crisp and loud vinyl pressing to test on unsuspecting audiences. The goodness has now landed and we can safely say it's extraordinarily good. 'Bloom' is the start of an occasional series of dub heavy productions from jack-of-all-beats Aardvarck, who after flooring us with his Technose Distrikt 12" earlier this year, and killing floors everywhere with his Pig trax has decided to spark one up and sit back to soak up some seriously rude subbass. All four cuts are lined with a smoky dub experimentalist vibe, from authentic padded dub on the opener with spilling subbass and one note stabs giving way to the most basic but devastating chord changes, to rattling rave futurism on the flipside that opens a crevice somewhere between quick-slow breakcore and mad digi dubstep sounding like the mutant offspring of Rustie and SND that simply poops on a lot of other stuff from a great height. Aardvarck has come up with a heady concotion here that fans of the dubstep styles, wonky heads, dub aficionados and broken beat dudes will find be spinning for a long time to come. KILLER!!! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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