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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

YRON - Encounters “Wedding through lines” Exhibition

Encounters “Wedding through lines” 15 Jan.09 - 7 Mar. 09
[en] A ritual, the meeting of lives, between lines that intersect, that merge and transform themselves into paths, into drawing. The celebration of a meeting of languages in constant transformation which here, together, inscribe a moment, a dialogue between worlds, between stories, between the before and the after… YUP / Paulo Arraiano, expresses himself through a body of work from where the forms emerge from an ambivalence between urban culture and nature, merging both these realities that surround him and bring forth a world between worlds where he continually searches for his space, his language; energy that flows and is turned into drawing, into shapes, colour and movement… Leonor Morais, works in a constant search for spaces between spaces, cracks, limits, connections between the interior and the exterior of the matter, house, body or object; in a constant process and metamorphosis, resorting to observation and repetition while waiting for the next line to emerge and for the construction of the drawing to take place… [Press Release]
Rua de S.Bento 170. 1200-123 Lisboa, Portugal

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