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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Poised to make some big moves in '09, Brooklyn's Theophilus London neccesitates some attention. The rising MC has a knack for versing over raw eletronic patterns, stuff that lies somewhere between the minimal thump of Berlin deep house and the faux sandpaper bass of laptop-driven nu-rave. His work with producer Machinedrum is especially great, like a young Mos Def vibing with some Squarepusher records. On Friday, he'll drop his new release, This Charming Mixtape, through his MySpace (the title and cover are a nod to The Smiths and Elvis Costello) so scope these tunes for now (our favorite is the punkish, lo-fi jam "Ultra Violet") and then pick that up on Friday for your weekend party-rocking needs. You know you have them. [Download]



Blogger electriklife said...

1.] Jam!
2.] Blindfolded
3.] Future Times
4.] Die 4 You
5.] Late Night Operation
6.] One For Me Freestyle
7.] Epitome
8.] Night Ridin’
9.] Star Scream
10.] Leader Of the New School
11.] Invisible Man
12.] superbad
13.] Rest Of ‘Em
14.] Call Tyrone
15.] The Blues
16. Forever Begins
17.] Ber Ber Der Dant
18.] Ultra Violet
19.] DVRC
20.] Stranger In Moscow

Sunday, 25 January, 2009  

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