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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raving ’89 – Neville & Gavin Watson, 2009

Raving '89 is a superb collection of his photographs. With 200 photos taken in the revolutionary year of 1989, this is the real deal. Hardly anyone took a camera to the raves, and the few people who did, got so bleary they left it under a speaker. Gavin Watson not only remembered his Nikon, he's also a truly world-class photographer. Gavin's rave pictures capture the experience like no others. Grubby warehouses, hands through sheets of lasers, the haircuts, the smiles, the friends, the crimes against fashion. It's a beautiful book, all wrapped up with hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville. [Raving'89 Samples Pdf]

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