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Friday, June 26, 2009

26 JUN. DUBBYMAN @ A Capela - Bairro Alto, Lisboa

DUBBYMAN [Deep Explorer Music, Madrid] José Manuel Alvarez, also known as Dubbyman, made his debut as a DJ in 1992, hidden under the name of José Vertice. Acid house, funk, drum&bass and hip hop were just some of the ingredients of his firsts sets, backed up by his collective Dogs Connected. Later incursions into dubbed house and electrofunk sounds took him to visit most important clubs in Madrid like Deep and Danzoo, while maintaining his own club, Freak. By 2002, and thanks to his new facet as a producer he became Dubbyman, moves his residency from Freak to Café Bar Las Descalzas and expands his sessions across Madrid, in clubs like Morpheus, Ohm, Taboo, Deep, Danzoo,or Goldfield and outside, in places like Le Club (Valencia), El Sol (Salamanca), Telefunken, House Café, Foxx (La Coruña), La Casa de la Música (Badajoz). In 2006 he finds the most highly recognition for his participation in Sonar festival 2006 making a powerful session mixing dub with afro music. 2007 was a year of consolidation with his showcase in Observatori Festival in Valencia and a great comeback to Sonar 2007 sharing turntables with the cream of the Dubstep UK scene (Kode 9, Oris Jay and Mary Anne Hobbs). Nowadays he and his brother Above Smoke still directs the Deep Explorer music label where their productions are released along with other Spanish artists like Robert Calvin (Turbo records), Loudest (Odori, D-Press), Gauss Control (Undress music), Tempostop (Aeróbic studio), and other international artists like Rob Paine (Worship/Philadelphia), Marvin Belton and Scott Ferguson from Ferrispark, Mike Huckaby, Nick Sole, Rick Wade, Sascha Dive etc… They'll will release their 15th record this year.



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