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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


BISON - Way To LA (Claremont 56) Comentários: Great road songs are driven by a yearning for the distant city that can only come from those who don't live there, and like all the best ones Bison's 'Way to LA' feels dreamlike and timeless. Claremont 56 start 2010 with a single from their latest signing, Bison, made up of Holger Czukay, Ursa Major, Paul Mudd Murphy and Benjamin Smith. The first release takes you on a trippy rock-fuelled journey to the west coast of America, via Stuttgart and Holloway. On the a-side, 'Way to LA's bass throbs insistently, engines growl and bubble and Tom Petty power chords flash by in a swirl of Czukay reverb, fading like treacle. Ursa Major is at the wheel, her voice soothing. She knows where she's going. Cocooned in the cracked leather of the passenger seat beside her, nobody can stop you. You're on your way. The b-side takes to the highway with a darker sound. Holger Czukay puts his foot to the floor, pushing his mix up a gear and rounding off an essential debut release. Like the perfect road trip sunset, this release is epic and unforgettable. nota do editor [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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