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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sebastian Albrecht, a Berlin-based producer and livact grow up with the young "tekkkno-scene" in the early nineties in his home town. Around 2000 he start to poduce own tracks, after he collects some experience with tracker-programms. 2007 comes the school for audio-engineering, followed by some bookings as liveact in clubs in and arround Berlin. Than starts some remixes and releases on haknam and klangscheiben records. "Redknek" is the latest release of the Belarussian Label Sgustok. Sebastian Albrecht manages to deliver an extreme sensual experience brought by his amazing minimalistc tech skills. An inteligent use of subtle elements in electronic music. Mundo Urbano
Sebastian Albrecht - Rednek (Sgustok Net 004) [Download]

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