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Monday, March 22, 2010

BREAKAGE - Foundation

BREAKAGE - Foundation (Digital Soundboy) Comentários: One of 2010s most anticipated Dubstep/D'n'B albums lands on Digital Soundboy, featuring an all-star UK urban dance cast of Burial, Rodigan, Roots Manuva, Newham Gens and Donae'o. Just in case all that government-disapproved megaweed has addled your mind, we shouldn't forget that his debut 'This Too Shall Pass' was a landmark LP for the D'n'B fraternity. As a follow-up 'Foundation' certainly builds on a few of its themes, while also incorporating his new dubstep style to effortlessly alternate between the two tempo regions. Blatantly, the Burial link-up on 'Vial' is one of the biggest attractions. Thankfully, it's also worth the investment too, finding solid ground between Burial's quicksilver slink and Breakage's tuff bass-sculpting. The established anthem 'Hard' featuring Newham Generals and Rodigan's inimitable mic chat is another major highlight, shaping his sound with a grimier intention, while the uptempo junglist tracks are superbly executed. 'Old Skool Ting' runs on some potent Congo Natty juice and Kemo's appearance on 'Temper' imagines Tricky working with Krust on some darkside Bristolian ting. With Breakage's sound it's all about the lushness of his execution, making bass that exudes comfort and chills in equal measures, while his percussive programming is still the envy of many in the scene... in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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