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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Secondhand Sureshots

LA's Dub Lab and Stones Throw families present their ambitious 'Secondhand Sureshots' project on DVD and CD for those not quick enough to snap up the deluxe LP versions. The project was initiated by Dublab directors Bryan "Morpho" Younce and Mark "Frosty" McNeil, who filmed J Rocc, Daedelus, Nobody and Ras G on an expedition to LA's thrift stores. The documentary tracks each producer through the creative process of unearthing old vinyl and constructing new tracks from their finds, including over 2 hours of footage and music and bonus material. The tracks are also collected on an additional CD, featuring a dope J Rocc beat, two tracks each from Daedelus and Nobody, plus three originals and a Kutmah megamix of Ras G's bumpy cosmo-hop. The DVD is a brilliant insight into a world of digging and sampledelia that still informs so much of the LA sound, but has perhaps been lost elsewhere due to the omnipresent internets. It captures a still-vital artform in respectful and hugely informative detail and should be considered required viewing by any lovers of west coast hiphop from DJ Shadow through to Flying Lotus. Dope! [Buy Here] or [Here]

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