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Sunday, April 04, 2010

JONAS REINHARDT - Powers Of Audition

JONAS REINHARDT - Powers Of Audition (Kranky) Comentários: On his second album for Kranky, academically-inclined synthesist Jonas Reinhardt expands the language of his kosmische, minimalist pursuits (as brilliantly set out on his eponymous analogue opus) to incorporate broader, band-like dynamics that call upon a greater array of instruments, lending a propulsive, full-blooded krautrock feel to certain pieces. The album sounds consumately polished without ever coming across as over-produced, and gets off to a great start, quite literally wearing its influences on its sleeve: opening track 'Mumma Deed Family Clone' is a two minute hunk of primal electronic warmth (that presumably doffs a cap to the titular Gordon) leading into the very motorik and actually very poppy grooves of 'Atomic Bom Living'. Title track 'Power Of Audition' marks another strong entry into Reinhardt's full band tracks, but undoubtedly it's the vintage synth designs that really win out on this record, sounding brilliantly tactile on 'Near A Mirrored Pit Viper', 'Only You Can Achieve Nitrogen' and the excellent closer 'Watrel Eyelid'. Recommended to all fans of Cluster, Tangerine Dream and even soundtrack maestros like John Carpenter. Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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