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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kappa's Arty Sport

Vintage Kappa posters from Italian highlights sport brand's influence. High-energy sportswear brand Kappa is still as young as ever. Let’s be honest, there was a time when wearing Kappa was left to the school pikeys. Every profitable brand has its relevance though, and Kappa’s is one that lives on. In the 90s, whilst being a strong mainstay for high-street youngsters worldwide, Kappa was the ironic brand to rock when it came to indie music’s darlings. There was a point where Damon Albarn wouldn’t be seen without his flouro Kappa zip-up and as the early Noughties came around, the company logo became a thing of culture. You could say that the logo, like the brand’s success, was an accident in itself. After all, Kappa started out in 1916 as an underwear manufacturer but soon morphed into a sportswear giant of its own, and it’s the logo that’s helped it become so popular. “The logo known as the 'omini' is a silhouette of a man and woman sitting back to back in the nude,” Kappa HQ explains. “After a photo shoot for a bathing suit ad, the outlines of their bodies were traced by the back-lighting and the photographers knew they had something. It symbolizes the mutual support between Man and Woman, and their completion”. [+ here]

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