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Saturday, April 10, 2010

VVV - The Projects EP

VVV - The Projects EP (Fortified Audio) Comentários: Big twelve for followers of Burial and the Future-Garage scene!* The Fortified Audio crew follow that killer release from Loops Haunt with a terrific future garage EP from VVV. Aside from the fact that they've got an EP forthcoming on Infrasonics we can tell you bot-all about Texans VVV. And sometimes that's the best thing when the music is left to speak for itself. There are obvious nods to the dreamy post-club perspective of Burial, and deeper still to El-B and MJ Cole, but the rich electronic element owes something to another field of practice, earning them a well deserved "future-garage" tagline. 'Project X' has to be the highlight, sweeping up synthesized string symphonics and driving 2-step syncopations to brilliant effect, while 'Back To Life' takes it right back to 1998 for a sparkling rekindling of Dem 2 styled street sophistication and brightly spacious electronics. This is some high calibre garage gear on a par with the likes of the LHF crew or Sully - massive twelve! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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