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Sunday, May 23, 2010


DENSELAND - Chunk (Mosz) Comentários: Denseland brings together vocalist David Moss with German instrumentalists Hannes Stroble and Hanno Leichtmann. Their album “Chunk”, which is out on Mosz, is probably the most tense piece of music we are going to come across with in a while. Strings, bass, drums, subtle but haunting synths and the voice of Mr. Moss combine to create a heavy atmosphere that recalls both industrialists of the past, dubstep (in its earlier, darker incarnation), the current developments on drone or even improv jazz. Not to say that “Chunk” is an industrial album. Neither this music could be referred to as dubstep or drone. What has been created by Denseland is not a good fit for any existing category. A clear highlight on the album is the way David Moss works his voice. Even though he mostly whispers throughout the record, listeners will not feel smothered by it. It might make more sense to experience “Chunk” as an entire piece. Nonetheless, “Low Velocity Zone” and “Scrape It (Up)” are personal favourites. review by Filipe Oliveira [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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