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Saturday, May 08, 2010

FACT mix 146: Mike Dehnert

FACT mix 146 is a blistering live set from one of techno’s deadliest operators, Mike Dehnert. The set was recorded last month at Berghain, just one of the clubs that Dehnert razes to the ground on a regular basis. With a sleek but muscular sound, bass-rooted and with unbelievable flex and skip to its rhythms, there’s something wonderfully urgent and essential about Dehnert’s tracks – not a single note or drum-hit is wasted. Though the lurching syncopations might at times make you think of dubstep and garage, fundamentally we never deviate from the main business of industrial-burnished and tunnelistic techno. It’s serious stuff, for sure, but it’s totally ecstatic to boot. [+here]

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