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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patrick Pulsinger - Impassive Skies

Patrick Pulsinger - Impassive Skies (Disko B) Comentários: Austrian producer Patrick Pulsinger has always done things his own way. His solo productions have evolved from off-the-grid acid to crafty jazz electronics over the last 17 years, resulting in 'Impassive Skies' being loaded with lauded guests such as Fennesz, Abe Duque and Franz Hautzinger. After his foray into jazz with 'Easy To Assemble - Hard To Take Apart' and '07s techno collection 'Dogmatic Sequences', this album unites his amassed sensibilites to mesh the synthetic with the real, where sine waves copulate with vibrating strings and all manner of textures he can glean from his contributors. On the two Fennesz tracks 'Future Back' and 'Impassive Skies' these take the form of elegantly agile dancers rhythms often reminding of MvO Trio's approach only with a a heavier jazz lean complemented by Martin Knorz's rhodes, grand piano and organ. A pair of cuts featuring human clockwork unit Elektro Guzzi blur the distinction between real and synthetic techno with naturally swinging dancers rhythms, especially the subtle flutterjack of 'Blame It' also feat. the vocals of Abe Duque, and a pop element blooms to the fore with his mix of G.Rizo's sensually dark 'Rise And Fall'. If you liked the Moritz Von Trio album this is worth a good look! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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