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Friday, June 11, 2010

Robert Hood - Omega

Robert Hood - Omega (M Plant) Comentários: Topping a newly re-energised M-Plant schedule, Robert Hood pays tribute to the 1971 film 'The Omega Man' with a re-imagined techno soundtrack - a brand new album from the master. The original film featured Charlton Heston as a last-man-on-earth figure, sequestered in a penthouse in LA, guarding life-saving serum by day and chased by zombies at night. It originally featured a jazzy easy-listening score courtesy of Ron Grainer, but Hood felt it needed a stronger and more urgent score that better represented his view of the movie. This means a display of his sharpest material for years, ranging from industrial throb-offs like 'Alpha' and the ominous drones of 'Think Fast', to noirsh, empty street scenes like 'Are You God' and the morse code rhythms of 'The Family Watches'. We were hoping/expecting for some more beatless sections but we'll happily make do with the plaintive tones of 'The Plague (Cleansing Maneuvers)' and just settle in for a kicks driven night drive through Hood's imagination. Some of Hood's finest propulsive material in years - very strong indeed. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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