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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooly G - Up In My Head / Phat Si

Cooly G - Up In My Head / Phat Si (Hyperdub) Comentários: The UK's first lady of Funky offers two hip melting joints for Hyperdub. She's taken 2 minutes out from updating her facebook and twitter to grace us with another pair of effortlessly astounding riddims following last years killer 'Narst/Love Dub' set, which everyone rightly got the gush over. Again there's a masterful balance of light and dark, or sensuality and feisty aggression, at play here. 'Up In My Head' is helplessly loved up, caught in the raptures of swooning strings and sumptuously swung bass with those cascading machine rhythms yearning for able bodies to lock into their sinuous grasp. And if that's the foreplay, tings gets nastier with 'Phat Si', unloading the G-ruffest subs under metalic synth spasms and constantly unstable percussion imbued with that most unattainable element of squashed music found everywhere from Chicago house to Jungle, a febrile tension of psyched and hypersexual dancefloor interplay. Cool as f*ck, and ESSENTIAL, no less. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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