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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PAUL A ROSALES - Wonder Wheel I

PAUL A ROSALES - Wonder Wheel I (Care In The Community) Comentários: "At it’s best though, Wonder Wheel I achieves something quite difficult. That is, Paul A. Rosales top-tier work sounds very much like effortless dicking around turned fruitful. Music like this makes parsing the worthwhile from the expendable a more difficult job than usual, but there are some clear winners here. 'Changed Faster' kaleidoscopically loops one hypnotic guitar pattern into another, leaving the listener mesmerized. 'No Worries' manages to build an eerie little universe unto itself without much more than a rising and cascading synth line, unpredictable drums and an inconstant organ. Cheaply made music can be heady, too". in stereosubversion

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