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Friday, August 06, 2010

VARIOUS - Milano New Wave 1980-83 Redux

VARIOUS - Milano New Wave 1980-83 Redux (Spittle Italy) Comentários:At the behest of Italo legend Fred Ventura, Spittle Records turn our attention to under-reported new wave scene of Milan circa 1980-83. With a skillful mastering job from Giovanni Versari, we're presented with twelve tracks from four bands who never received the attention they originally sought or deserved due to media and music industry indifference. Stuck outside of the rock and pop centres of London, New York or Berlin these kids simply fulfilled their dreams as best they could, weaving post-punk/new-wave traces gleaned from import records into a slightly distorted mirror image of new wave. Jeunesse D'Ivoire offer the spindly drum machines and Liz Fraser-esque vox of 'A Gift Of Tears' and previously unreleased versions of 'Silent Imagery' and the charming New Order-alike 'Praise'. Other Side are a moodier post-punk bunch, fronted by the well-studied vocals of Danilo Carnevale and driven by melancholy jangle and live drums. State Of Art are revealed to be an canny hybrid of Talking Heads and ACR funk with defined Afro-Latin influences, and then there's La Maison. On 'Mercedes' they conjure a soundtrack to Kraftwerk kerbcrawling the red light district of Düsseldorf, while 'Igloo' comes from a stranger place informed by Devo and NY No-wave. Praise is due to Ventura and Spittle records for releasing this highly desirable object! TIP! in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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