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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amede Soundsmith

<a href="">Without You (FREE DOWNLOAD) by AmedeSoundsmith //+</a>
AMEDE SOUNDSMITH is a 20 year old singer/composer hailing from East London to a Nigerian father and Zambian mother. He began is musical journey at 10 singing and song writing under the influence of R'n'B singer Joe. Whilst getting older and trying to perfect his sound, Amede heard Slum Village and Kanye West's 'Selfish' in 2004 and was blown away by the Hip Hop/Neo Soul movement which influenced his earlier work. Then came the legendary J Dilla, once Amede discovered him it moulded how he heard music, created music and what he considered to be 'real' music. Amede has always been exposed to a variety of genres, it was sample based hip hop that opened Amede to original soul, jazz and funk, then came producing with his cousin Kriptic Kaoz which focused on grime. The fact that Amede has also looked into other music scenes such as in LA, Berlin, Asia & Scandinavia makes him stand out in terms of honing his craft and deciding the musical route he takes today and being current. To date Amede has released two EP's of his own back 'Flat 17 EP' and 'Demonstrating the Soundsmith' along with a number of free downloads which both met with great views. Amede was also a part of a vocal ensemble headed by Michelle Escoffery, which included his now musical family of Azekel, Nadine Caesar and Shanaz Dorsett – who features of the 'Flat 17 EP'. Currently Amede has just finished recording 7 tracks whilst studying Creative Music Technology at University quoting Little Dragon, Dam-Funk and Alternative Pop as influences behind the tracks. He is also a co-founder of Thunder Lightning music lifestyle company along with Azekel and Tony Blaize. He is ready to deliver an Electrorganic sound to the whole world, following his heart and breaking barriers allowing God to guide him and he is not far into achieving that!

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