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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time Wharp - 1992

Time Wharp's "1992" revolves around a sample from the score of early Nintendo game Mario Paint, transforming the 8-bit chirps into a breathy star-gazer of immediate beauty. The disjointed melody swirls in virtuoso arpeggiator patterns, sounding like a downpour of robot virgin tears against a backdrop of panting, emanating from either pleasure or distress. The track was dropped as the first taster of Time Wharp's new EP, a few spins of which this week have been enough for me to recommend it with confidence. Helvetica is filled with dense production, clever ideas (one of the tracks makes interesting use of a mobile phone interference sound), and jarring moods. You can download it off bandcamp or order the CDR from there for the recession-buster price of $2, which comes with custom, hand-painted artwork by Time Wharp. (via Don't Die Wondering)
<a href="">1992 by Time Wharp</a>

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