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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Onmutu Mechanicks (aka Arne Weinberg) - Nocturne

Onmutu Mechanicks (aka Arne Weinberg) - Nocturne (Echocord) Comentários: Onmutu Mechaniks is an alter ego of the prolific Arne Weinberg for Echocord. To date it's given us two 12"s of loners techno soul nodding towards Convextion and Drexciya, a vibe he expands and asserts with 'Nocturne'. Much like Sven Weisemann or the Echospace figures, Arne creates sounds worthy of, and ready for, an album. From the dub stasis of 'Catatonic' he guides us on an inward trajectory with the heavy breathing shuffle of 'Aspiring To Aspire' and continues an internal spiral with the soundtracky space of 'Lupos Moon', recalling the bleakness of Demdike Stare's spare grooves. Down the line and the sleep-techno of 'Neutrino' only keeps consciousness because of its metronomic woodblock, before 'When You Return' inhabits the blue zones of Signer or Fluxion and 'Across The Styx' pulls the rhythmic anchor to drift in placid dub lagoon. With 'Nocturne' Arne proves he knows how to sooth and salve heads with elegance and substance, resulting in a sumptuous listen from start to finish. in boomkat [Listen/Buy]

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