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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Asss / Meddicine - Split (Clan Destine Records)

Asss / Meddicine - Split (Clan Destine Records) Comentários: *Edition of 300 copies only* Killer split side of monotone minimal wave and DIY industrial doings. It's the first vinyl outing for both bands following a couple of cassette and compilation releases on Hobo Cult, Night School and BEKO DSL, complementing each others sound very well. Asss are more melodic, minimal wave-obsessed and slightly spacey. Their side opens and closes with zooming cosmic sci-fi synths, forming a forcefield around the isolated two note synthpop of 'Sleep Alone' and the bedroom robot vocals and stoic 4/4 machine pulse of 'White Eyed'. Meddicine are a bit sexier, in that leather-clad Industrial style, evidenced on the EBM thrust of 'Black Night', or the nightmarish drone sequences of 'Illusion' and 'Words'. Highly recommended. in boomkat.

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