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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Label Of The Week : 100% Silk

I can't denie I have a big crush on 100% Silk Records (Not Not Fun sublabel) . This label it's about breaking boundaries and celebrating life thru music no matter what! The Start of this new musical adventure began with the 100% Silk Mixtape cassette, after that the list of editions rised bringing up names as Ital aka Sexworker and member of Mi Ami [Ital's Theme 12"] : his 12" caught me up instantly. The Deeep [Muddy Tracks 12"] : this edit reminds me something like «midnight hot fantasie» (because is super sensual and hypnotic). Cuticle [Confectioner Beats 12"]. The new weird disco bliss from Maria Minerva's sound [Noble Savage 12"] , Gillette «sex appealing» synth waves [Gillette 12"]. In a darker pattern we have Xander Harris with a glimpse of dark italo disco (I Want More Than Just Blood 12"), and Innergaze psych disco ensemble (Shadow Disco 12").
In the 90's clubbin' extravaganza revivalism we have 4 names, Pharaohs, Ital (Only For Tonight 12") dancefloor hot hot material, Magic Touch (I Can Feel The Heat 12"),we can recognize in his work some 90's french-house, 'daft punk', 'Crydamoure and Roulé' influences, and finally Sir Stephen (By Design E.P) . Hopefully many more records will come out soon. Highly Recommended!

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