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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PDP - PDP Megamix (Where To No)

PDP - PDP Megamix (WHERE TO NO) Comentários: Where To Now made a noted blip on our radar with their Moon Gangs cassette earlier this year. They return with a masterful blend of Chicagoan House and cosmic night grooves from PDP aka Paul Layzell. His debut release, the 'PDP Megamix' rifles through banks of classics samples and the freshest vintage machine rhythms like a soundtrack to Ed DMX's most vivid wet dreams. Being a tape and the fact that it's all sweetly segued means it's difficult to tell where the eight tracks stop and start, but that's surely the intention and it's carried out beautifully well. Side A embarks at late '80s rare groove and boogie soul memes before strafing across electro, jackin' House and cosmic disco with the nimblest fake fader skills. B-side heads in with siphoned radio samples set against sensual synthfunk riffs before bouncing down to early '90s HipHop soul and psyche-fried Breaks. Imagine a hinterland between Finders Keepers, 100% Silk and L.I.E.S. and you're squarely in the PDP megamix. in boomkat [Order Here]

PDP : People of all nations by where to now productions

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