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Friday, February 22, 2013

Acteurs - Cloud Generating

Acteurs is a band with considerable musical pedigree behind it. via factmagazine
About the album : Outstanding wave riders from yet another class new act picked up by Public Information. Oscillating in the shadows of Ike Yard, Neu!, Chris Carter, and sharing mindsets with Powell, Silent Servant or Factory Floor, the Chicago duo, Jeremy Lemos and Brian Case (90 Day Men / Disappears), have honed a studio-buff sound throbbing with industrial vitality and cloaked in sci-fi intrigue. As first impressions go, the titular opener is practically jaw-dropping, tensing the body with 'phet-stepping pulses and urgent incantations worthy of their heroes, while the mutant crawl of 'Lowow' swiftly displays their breadth of scope, expanding into the mind-erasing wormhole of 'Dusk Removing' and the sculpted sludge of 'Golden Rabbit' on the A-side. Turn over and the phosphoresing 'Critter' deftly twists the narrative with the elusive effect of a fine-tuned pharmaceutical, and the expansive 'Freezing Fog' makes connections between the bleakest German techno, post-industrial noise and downtown cyberpunk atmosphere with visceral, skin-crawling subtlety. Together with the beautiful sleeve art, it's a huge recommendation. 

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