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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gnod - Presents... Dwellings & Druss

Gnod - Presents... Dwellings & Druss (Trensmat) Coment├írios: **Marbled gold wax** Manchester's own psychedelic assault squad follow up one of thee records ov last year - a killer split with $&$ - presenting the E2E4/Basic Channel-esque wormholes of 'Dwellings & Druss'. Our minds are still scorched at the edges from catching a chokingly heavy live set 'longside Stephen Bishop in the bowels of their spiritual home, Islington Mill - full on smoke machine and dual strobe intensity - and this killer session flashes us right back to the midst of their Guantanamo-like machine interrogations. So, 'Dwellings & Druss' boils down to three prickly yet well-oiled psycho-techno incursions; writhing with the jagged pulses and roiling undercurrents of a 'Dwellings - Revelation 9' prelude before entering the vortex of slow-panning acid and hulking black hole techno with 'Druss' and single handedly making a decade of dub techno dilettantes fall by the wayside. This is hypnotic motorik sorcery at its finest. Likewise, the slow yield pacing, restraint and intent of the flipside is genius, coming off like Ike Yard meets Cluster in Mark Ernestus' studio for nigh on 20 minutes of brittle, pointillist body rhythm and ether noise dissipated and reforming with syzygystic logic. Hats off, this is f**king class. in boomkat [Para Ouvir / Samples]

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