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Friday, February 15, 2013

Leven Signs - Hemp Is Here

Leven Signs - Hemp Is Here (Digitalis) Comentários: 'Hemp Is Here' is a shockingly prescient 1985 new wave diamond rescued from almost certain obscurity by Digitalis. In the manner of BEB's Flaming Tunes reissue or Forced Nostalgia's Vazz dig, it's one of those records which instantly begs the question; where have you been all our lives?! At nearly 30 years old it's aged remarkably well, constructed by Peter Karkut's rhythmic sleight of hand and peppered with timelessly evocative vocals courtesy of Maggie Turner, yet of course feels attached to that fertile era of bedroom experimentation when folk felt freed of sonic restraint and permitted to just do what felt right and good. And this is very right, and seriously good! They've got us by the knackers with opener 'Our Position Vanishes', a whirligig amalgam of Muslimgauze-esque mid-eastern loops and Indra Dunis-like vocals, and don't let go, cycling onto the crooked mystic pop of 'Prague Spring' and the cryptic, calligraphic intricacies of 'La Luna' and the wheezy slowfast dirge 'Sedes Sapientiae' for one of the most shocking A-sides you could hope for. Turn over and there's the super rugged - as in rude AND rough - DIY beats of 'Carry the Torch' and the swaggering 'This Inner Space' sucking us into the sacred-feeling trio of ante-chambers starting at 'Rumi', bowing into the organ recital 'Das Seal' and breathtaking closer, 'Held In Arms'. This is love at first listen, but don't worry, we can all share... in boomkat

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