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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moin (raime) - EP

Moin - EP (Blackest Ever Black) So, the cat's out the bag; Raime are Moin, who dropped an amazing side on that Confessions split with Pete Swanson last year. Here they return to that captivating sound on BEB proper with three tracks of lean guitar, muscular bass and cracking drums optimised and arranged with effects and sequencer. The project is evidently in tribute to that whole other side of their combined tastes, the one that looks to Steve Albini's Rapeman, Bill Laswell, This Heat or Dylan Carlson for inspiration, rather than Photek or Shackleton. Yet, just like Raime, everything is perfectly measured and economical, mixed with cutting precision and spatial dynamics, and most of all, built to last with a craftsman's appreciation of tone, texture and shape. A-side features the taut exorcism of 'Murphy', with its spare but shocking exhortations and collar-straining drums, plus the wrenched guitar strikes and post-punk bass prods of 'Stacie', laced with cryptic, ritual Japanese vocal stabs. Flipside, 'Clancy' is the one; snares slice thru the mix like skinny knuckles to the temple and guitars are hacked with metal-tipped fingers into clouds of aching black feedback harmonics. in boomkat

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