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Sunday, September 22, 2013


STITCHED VISION-  Headland (Blwbck) After a serie of fascinating tapes released through his own record label Eternal Solitude, the australian solo-artist Jason Campbell returns with “Headland”, a 40 minutes long tape, filled with his typical square-waves arpeggiators, black but blissed-out melodies pouring into a warm ocean of synthscapes. On “Headland” melodies are less understated than usual, and if there’s still many layers of white noises, they are changed into a chanting foam, reinforcing the ambivalence of his sad but beautiful noise-ambient. This permanent duality makes Stitched Vision immediately recognizable, evoking simultaneously panoramic views and deep solitude, intense moroseness and exalted feelings, piercing your heart while caressing your head. Simply addictive and essential as his entire discography. Music & Art Direction by Jason Campbell Recorded in Newcastle, Australia 2011-2013 . via Blwbck

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