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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Haf Haf - Notch

Haf Haf - Notch (Gang Of Ducks) Milan's Haf Haf debuts a groggy hip hop and techno sound on one of the most intriguing labels to emerge in 2013, Gang Of Ducks. Coming off like a stoned relative of Kouhei Matsunaga and the Opal Tapes crew, 'Notch' cycles eight cuts of marbly, off-kilter techno grooves and lop-sided rave to put a crick in your neck. 'Ode to U19' sets the tone with what sounds like Tomutonttu splaying a Skweee groove, whilst 'Hybrid' locks down a badass hybrid of knackered techno chug and hip hop beside the Madteo-like budge of 'Gate Keeper'. 'Fractal' is one of the freakiest on offer, like a mutant take on Belgian New Beat spliced with strange, cut-up new age chords, whilst 'Qwetzal' and 'Notch' do a broken-down, enervated rave sound with uncanny flair, poised on the cusp of too-f**ked-to-dance but just gotta. Top. via boomkat

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