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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rainer Veil - New Brutalism

Rainer Veil - New Brutalism (Modern Love) Coment├írios: One year on from their debut, Rainer Veil explore deep, brittle rave variants on their 2nd EP for Modern Love. The five tracks of 'New Brutalism' are a product of their Northern environment, making pointed reference to the kind of deep-rooted rave heritage documented in Mark Leckey's 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore' soundtrack through a prism of angular, vulnerable club music. Conceptually, It adopts a similar perspective on British nightlife to Burial or Lee Gamble, surveying the 'floor as if during an out-of-body experience or through closed eyes from a corner of the club at 5am. Opening track, 'UK Will Not Survive' captures that sensation beautifully with its tape-saturated layers of wistful vocal, woody 2-step and daubs of Reese bass, whilst 'Three Day Jag' isolates that curious blend of hedonism and introspection innate to early UK 'ardcore, albeit without the narco-sweats. Closing number 'Run Out' doffs a cap to grey building sites and strobe-lit clubs alike, channelling diffuse field recordings and half-heard breakbeats with a bleary-eyed, tired and emotional quality. in boomkat 

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