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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Visonia Et Dopplereffekt - Die Reisen

Visonia Et Dopplereffekt - Die Reisen (Last Known Trajectory) Coment├írios: Jaw-dropping electro-pop debut from Chilean producer Nicolas Estany aka Visonia, including a stunning hook-up with Dopplereffekt. Boding very well for his imminent debut album, 'Impossible Romance', this single introduces a full fledged new artist paying dues to his influences - Depeche Mode, Detroit electro, classic synth-pop - with incredibly fine-tuned finesse and respect. Alongside Dopplereffekt on 'Die Reisen' he plays out a beautifully poised and ice-cool electro-noir waltz that's just left us for six, whilst flipside yields two solo productions - the sublime melancholy and palatial grandeur of 'Antarctic Love' and the almost--too-perfect DM vibes of 'Impossible Romance'. Unmissable. via boomkat [Stream Here]

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