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Friday, June 22, 2007

BLACK STROBE - Burn Your Own Church

BLACK STROBE - Burn Your Own Church (Playloudrecordings) Comentários: French duo Black Strobe have been around for over a decade now but it's taken them this long to release an album - so does it live up to the promise of their earlier Source and Output material? 'Burn Your Own' is intermittently spattered with great moments - You'll be listening to a darkened piece of electro-metal one minute, and then with no warning you'll end up jumping onto a piano piece or some Joy Division worship or another. It's always good to have diversity on a record, but Black Strobe seem to have gone all the way into sheer randomness, which is no bad thing. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]
BLACK STROBE - I'm A Man (Playloudrecordings) Comentários: Another single to be lifted from Blackstrobe's provocatively-titled Burn Your Own Church album, 'I'm A Man' sounds like something that might have been found on the cutting room floor after the recording of Nick Cave's Grinderman album. Arnaud Rebotini wails in a punch-drunk rockabilly fashion not dissimilar to Cave, but here supplied with a T. Rex-meets-Trent Reznor backing track. The 12" version comes with Blackstrobe's own remix of the original on the A-side, which tweaks the source material in a fairly slight fashion to give a more electronic feel. The Audion remix is the biggest draw here though (even the migraine-inducing sleeve is Audion influenced) taking elements of the vocal and recontextualizing it within that distinctive structure of bass-heavy acidic minimalism, with synth bleeps that always threaten to spiral out of time from the beat, but of course never do. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


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