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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Boogy Bytes Vol 3 (Bpitch Control)

Boogiebytes Vol.3 Anyone familiar with Modeselektor's magnificent (if we do say so ourselves) Boomkat Mixtape from a while back, will know only too well that these guys know how to put a mix together. True to form, this first officially-released mix shows admirable disregard for genre constraints and preserving the integrity of the material they draw from, instead placing emphasis on maxing-out the party potential of the selection. Who else could go from Spank Rock's 'Rick Rubin' into a Paul Kalkbrenner track and make it work? After an opening selection of hip hop electronics from The Detroit Experiment and Flying Lotus, a few house-friendly tunes muscle their way in (like Apparat's remix of Nathan Fake and James Holden's baroque cut, 'The Idiot'), culminating in the epic meeting of Errorsmith's none-more-spannered 'Free For All' with Robag Wruhme's 'Papp-Tonik", Female's 'Cally 2' and Krause Duo's 'Tigerbett' all within the confines of a single two-and-a-half-minute track, sewn together seamlessly. It's audacious stuff, which Modeselektor pull off with great aplomb. Dubstep is represented here too, with anthems by Skream (the tireless 'Midnight Request Line') and Burial ('Southern Comfort') deftly woven around Carl Craig's remix of Rhythm & Sound's 'Poor People Must Work'. It all integrates perfectly, underlining that this line-up of often disparate artists and genres works so well not only by merit of the Modeselektor boys' keen ear for quality material, but moreover their ability to put it all together with such flair. The compilation draws to a close with 'Idiotheque' by Radiohead, who appropriately enough, are a band who've always been quick to declare themselves massive Modeselektor fans - much like us. Proper party tackle - another killer session. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]



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