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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DIGITALISM - Idealism (Kitsune)

Hamburg's Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefecki have earned their stripes notching up classy remixes for Klaxons, Depeche Mode, The Futureheads, Cut Copy and Test Icicles and after a slew of singles they've finally done the decent thing and offloaded a full album's worth of material. After the Daft Punk-influenced opener'Magnets', one of those aforementioned singles, 'Zdarlight' drops in with its glistening, midtempo electro-rock production in full glory. 'I Want I Want' takes a more obviously song-oriented slant, keeping a firm 4/4 beat template but throwing in some Strokes-y guitars and a distorted vocal. Next up is 'Idealistic', another corker of a single, rammed with ferocious filtered synths and killer melodies. Best of all is the most recent single to be lifted from the album 'Pogo'. The more you hear it the more it sounds like a simply classic pop song - overloaded with hooks that musters up a sound at times akin to New Order, while also maintaining a punk-fuelled edginess. Of course, the band's signature glossiness sheens over the whole affair making it ripe for dancefloor devastation. Further in, 'The Pulse' proves that the duo can more than cut the mustard when they quit with the singing and go all out to make a bonafide club banger. Definitely one of the more interesting indie-dance crossover acts around at the moment, Digitalism are certainly onto something. in boomkat [Para Ouvir]


Anonymous inês said...

brunocas, adorei o novo mundo urbano. está com um design brutalissimo!
mas já sabes o q penso do maispeixe:p
deixo te com uma excelente recomendação do baudelaire:

"É preciso estar sempre embriagado. Para não sentirem o fardo incrível do tempo, que verga e inclina para a terra, é preciso que se é sem descanso. Com quê? Com vinho, poesia, ou virtude, a escolher. Mas embriaguem-se."

muitos veijos pra ti

Wednesday, 13 June, 2007  

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