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Friday, May 16, 2008

LIQUID LIQUID - Slip In & Out Of Phenomenon

LIQUID LIQUID - Slip In & Out Of Phenomenon (Domino) Comentários: Liquid Liquid, the no-wave band so good they named them twice, get their first three, groundbreaking EPs re-released as part of this great retrospective on Domino, which also compiles a number of previously unreleased and live recordings there are ten bonus cuts in total). The influence of the New York post-punk band can be heard throughout today's more rhythmically-oriented rock bands, from the DFA roster to !!! and The Rapture, but beyond that, as if the impact (however furtive) this band had on popular culture wasn't clear enough, a quick listen through 'Cavern' reveals the foundations of Grandmaster Flash's 'White Lines' which sampled and generally plundered the song for all its worth. Liquid Liquid were also one of the first bands to incorporate the percussion-heavy sounds of Afrobeat and more experimental drum manoeuvring: the treatments and production techniques bhind 'Lub Dupe' sound like a particularly odd piece of early radiophonic tape music, while a song like 'Bellhead' is equal parts gamelan orchestra and Rio carnival. Liquid Liquid could be the very archetype of a band who made a vast impact on the musical climate despite its minuscule discography, although the release of this hour-long collection means there's never been quite so much of it all in the same place before. Essential Purchase. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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