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Thursday, May 15, 2008

PLUXUS - Solid State

PLUXUS - Solid State (Kompakt Germany) Comentários: What do they put in the water up there in Sweden? Maybe their's is really pure and ours is just holding us back? Either way Pluxus are quite an interesting proposition who have recently been picked up by the fine-eared crew at Kompakt who have done us all a service by reissuing their fantastic 2006 album 'Solid State' originally released on the bands own Pluxemburg imprint, also home to Andreas Tilliander, Jeans Team and Fibes, Oh Fibes! Pluxus were originally conceived as a traditional guitar based group but have since delved into the more satisfying and exciting world of studio production, synthesizers, samples and computers, here resulting in the dazzling aural collage that is 'Solid State', a grainy clean mesh of melodic elements reminding us of everyone from Jose Gonzales to Paavoharju, mixed with the intricate rhythmic drive of say Mental Overdrive, Kim Hiorthoy or disco fiends Prins Thomas and Lindstrom. I couldn't really say it sounded quite like any one of the aforementioned artists, just a metamix of elements and ideas sucked from each but with an added flavour of their own. Highly original gear on Kompakt. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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