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Sunday, May 18, 2008

QUANTEC - Unusual Signals

QUANTEC - Unusual Signals (Echocord US) Comentários: Following a succession of very well recieved 12" cuts for the likes of Styrax Leaves, Meanwhile and Millions of Moments, Sven Schienhammer returns to the home of some of his best work with a studied album of dub techno variants for Echocord. Sven's agenda is made clear with the title of the first track 'Amanita Muscaria', a familiar term to the trippier readers out there (Fly Agaric mushies to the more straight laced), signifying a love of or respect for psychedelic substances and sounds which are echoed in the esoteric dub depths of the opening cut. From here we plummet into the dense spaces of 'Deliberate', populated with wide open chord stabs and intangible analog ephemera that will sound lush on any system. From here on in the tracks seem to merge into a hazily tripped blur of feathered synth washes, barely audible sub undulations and glimpses of melody carried along by massively compressed kicks, lush stuff to completely give yourself up to. The track names become sign posts for the territory you're about to enter, with classic reverberating and psychedelic effects such as 'Iboga' and 'Yage' referencing deeply affecting states of mind induced through the course of the album. Of course, if it were that effective we probably wouldn't be able to sell you this album for legal reasons (or maybe we'd have to meet you after work by the goods entrance) but this is still some deadly and affected gear which we urge you to give a chance sometime soon, especially if you're a follower of the Deepchord/Basic Channel school of dub reduction. Awesome. in boomkat [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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