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Sunday, March 15, 2009

EXILE, Tim - Listening Tree

EXILE, Tim - Listening Tree (Warp) Comentários: They say it’s very lazy journalism to just compare the artist to another artist. At least I haven’t ever used the phrase “...on acid”. Then I know it would be time to get a nice job in the accounts department at one of the labels, and tell everyone i’m “still in the music business”. However, despite being almost entirely peerless in the current music scene, Mr. Exile has so many comparisons. His nearest contemporary is someone like Cursor Minor – dark, despondent Dadaist keyboards and the like. But his jerky time-signatures and often random chord changes are more reminiscent of the Cardiacs. Hints of industrial sounds, and black, self-vitriolic and often cutting lyrics are in the sphere of Nine Inch Nails. And then of course, it wouldn’t be 2009 without giving a nod to the eighties high-camp of the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a disturbing, and often jarring concoction, but far from being in any way off-putting, it represents a tour-de-force of an album that manages to challenge, and yet not alienate – after all, how do you alienate yourself from someone who has done it so ably for you? More than a bit special. in subba-cultcha [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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