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Monday, March 09, 2009

LITERON & OVATOW - Permutations

LITERON & OVATOW - Permutations (Frantic Flowers) Comentários: Literon and Ovatow exchanged elements for this ultra heavy dub techno release. Permutation One is Literon's original take and is build on an outstanding punchy groove with a sort of oldschool-ish club vibe, and with multiple layers of dub effects sprinkled on top of that. This is peak time techno at it's best. Ovatow takes us way deeper with Permutation Two. Taking the original elements and drown them in gated effect processors and reshaping it to a deep, smokey, bass heavy monster that carries his unique and delicate sound signature. Check! in clone [Para Ouvir/Samples1][2]

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