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Sunday, March 01, 2009

WICKED WITCH - Chaos 1978-86

WICKED WITCH - Chaos 1978-86 (EM Japan) Comentários: Unless Sun Ra's most out there moments, one of many behavioral components from Chaos 1978-86, were beamed alongside televised presidential messages for years, or the ravenous fire from Jimi Hendrix's burning guitar had a heated soundtrack of its own on the Billboard charts, it's hard to imagine anyone being ready for this crazy shit in the early 80s. The appropriately named Wicked Witch, a richly decadent and spooky avant-garde affair of off-kilter rhythm and blues-based x-spunk, was the mastermind of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Richard Simms— a somewhat frightening dude, at least in appearance, photographed in a full leather get-up, and once part of a late 70s outfit called Paradiagm. Although devoid of any significant pop caché, or any kind of relative musical easy listening, Chaos 1978-86 is a treasure of eccentricity and dysfunctional sound art. Take my word, this is 30 degrees colder than any kind of Prince-like angularity. Its self-indulgent machine-funk brilliance— not to mention the impressive violins on "Vera's Back", the ESG-like dance of "Electric War (Instrumental)", and the nutso keyboard fuzz from "Fancy Dancer"— still sounds years ahead of its time (and probably still locked in an underground cell somewhere). In fact, apart from experimental seekers, I wonder if many are ready for its dissonant elements, even today. Reason enough to jump on the psycho train, don't you think? in panpot [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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