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Sunday, March 01, 2009


MOUNT KIMBIE - Maybes (Hotflush Recordings) Comentários: Ambient, wonky, dubstep, hip-hop, minimal; an endless list of musical genres Mount Kimbie transcend on Maybes, their debut EP for Scuba‘s Hotflush label. The South London duo have produced a beautifully crafted four track rich in texture, melody and electronic experimentation. Title track ‘Maybes’ kicks off with a simple guitar riff before switching into an almost blippy style beat. The slow burning, cinematic build up of ‘William’ goes from a warm bassline into a series of soft snares, and makes a nice change from the usual ‘short-intro-drop’ structure found in much of contemporary electronic music. ‘Taps’ is perhaps the most enchanting piece here; starting with a sparse melody and leading into a lush arrangement of drums, chimes and synths as raw as if a band had played the different instruments live. One constant that runs through the four tracks here is the way the simple melodies feel washed with the sounds of raindrops hitting water - this is music that conjures images of sounds from everyday life; evocative in nature. It’s also more evidence of Hotflush’s strength in depth - we’re not even in February yet and already Mount Kimbie have kicked off 2009 with something fresh and inventive that invokes dubstep royalty in both the scattered percussion of Shackleton and the misty-eyed atmospherics of Burial. in fact magazin [Para Ouvir/Samples]

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